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Your website is more than your online brand identity. As we are rapidly moving towards digitalization, people are shifting from full-sized PCs and Laptops to palm-sized smartphones. If a website is not optimized for a user who does everything on his phone, the business is at a high risk of losing a huge number of potential customers.

Apart from having a good design attractive website, you need to have it properly responsive and optimized for every device a customer uses to search for you. As more people use voice search to find local results, it has become crucial to make the business website responsive to rank for that voice search.

We at EZ Rankings, our team fits all your powerful business services into a beautiful looking responsive website for seamless online visitor’s experience. Almost 57% of people use their smartphone to search the web, and by not having a responsive design, you are giving up on more than half of your leads. 

Having the rightly implemented responsive design can open doors for thousands of leads on an autopilot mode as it also helps in making the site’s SEO stronger. Get in touch with us now to know more about responsive website design services.

What is Responsive Website Design?

Responsive web design is a web designing approach that lets the websites and all pages to display on all size devices by automatically adapting the original screen size of the device. Be it a laptop, your tablet, or smartphone; a responsive web design will offer the same browsing experience over all the devices.

Creating a responsive web design is crucial to bring the most seamless website browsing experience to all the visitors. Without a responsive design, the website will look like a big forced webpage that is being open on a small screen with all the text remaining unreadable. 

A good responsive website designing company like EZ Rankings will revamp your old website or create a new one for your business to make sure you are making the most from your online identity. Many business owners neglect to have a responsive website. And, this is the easiest way to outperform them by winning more ranking factors that include mobile-friendly web design.

Outsourcing your web designing and development work to a professional responsive website designing company in India brings in many advantages. It not only saves you a lot of time but also lets you achieve your business goals faster by quick deployment. Following are some of the key benefits of hiring a responsive web design company in India:

  • In-depth research and development
  • Ongoing trends and industry insights
  • Time and cost optimization
  • Top-notch versatility
  • Responsible support, whenever you need
  • In-depth research and development

The biggest reason for leveraging responsive website design services from India’s companies is to get superior quality. We at EZ Rankings first understand your entire business flow to find out all the needful development requirements in a faster way. By conducting in-depth research, our team scales up the development process much faster following the agile methodology.

Ongoing trends and industry insights

By hiring a professional responsive website designing company, you can leverage all ongoing popular trends to benefit your online business. We do complete research work for you to make the process more refined. We help you design a website abiding standardized procedures with modern integrations to attract more customers.

Time and cost optimization

Outsourcing your web designing work to us will save you a lot of time and money at the same time. Get the best-crafted product with zero quality compromise. Experience a result-driven work at a lower cost and faster turnaround time with EZ Rankings. Outsourcing your work to us just like having extra working hands that understand what you need and deliver the same within the required time.

Top-notch versatility

Never run out of creativity when you hire the best responsive website designing company — EZ Rankings. Our creative team fuels versatile creativity to find the perfect lucrative design to map all your complex business requirements with effortless design. We know the top conversion areas of a website, the key customer hooks and the right theme contrast to attract more leads. And, the good thing? We are just one click away to get the amazing things getting started.

Responsible support, whenever you need

Support is a crucial part when it comes to hiring the best web design agency. We at EZ Ranking offer round the clock prior support because we know what a delay of 5 minutes can cost you on your online business. Our professionals are always on standby to assist and integrate any new requirements in a progressive way.

Want to discuss your project for a quick overview? We are here to cater to your big business goals. Get quick no-obligation quotes and get started faster with us.

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Responsive Web Design Services and its Features

We as a responsive web design company India, implement responsive web design features which help business and customer. Go beyond the traditional web boundaries to explore an exciting world where the designs will fit every browser-operated gadget. Few features of best responsive web design services are mentioned below.

  • Navigation
  • CTA
  • Columns
  • Whitespace
  • Branding

It is one of the best responsive web design services. In general a site navigation is laid out in different locations, each of them based on the browser width. For mobile users the navigation can be found on the top and generally in the centre so as to ensure easy access. In few designs it is found in the top right corner or in under the logo. Responsive Web design services need to be well planned and each of its feature should be precisely understood and executed for a hassle free web function.

Call to Action, abbreviated as CTA is one strikingly important feature of a successful responsive website design. A responsive web design considers calls to action as a critical feature and so they will display it prominently on the screen or browser. Phrases of calls to action can include things like "get started for free," Hurry offer ends soon, "Closing soon" etc. And a responsive web design services company will definitely make the apt CTA as per the need.

These can protect a designs integrity and appearance regardless of the browser site. Therefore columns form the most important feature of responsive website design and development. And we ace at providing such acceptable and the most appreciated columns to scale a site. Any modifications in these can make the site appear large or small, thus making columns pretty important of them all. Depending on the browser width of a site the number of columns appearing on it also will look different.

Alignment is the key for creating a best visual experience while going through a website. Padding and white space are the key features to ensure clear cut alignment and no overcrowding of a site irrespective of the screen size. Therefore, companies offering responsive website design services will focus on these two features to offer flexible solutions to address the issues of missed hierarchy and misalignment. We excel at providing the best possible padding and white space services to our clients.

Simply scaling the elements, adjusting the columns and marking up phrases of CTA won't help any service provider, unless their brandings are highlighted for the public acceptance. Therefore, a responsive website design service company will concentrate on making and highlighting the branding image of a service by including it in its design. And we ace at doing the task precisely to ensure the easy appearance and visibility of all the branding elements of a site irrespective of the screen size.


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One of the things that you always need to think about is ensuring that you site is mobile responsive. This is because most people are doing all of their searching using their mobile phone devices and if your web site doesn’t work on them, then they won’t view them and this is not good sign for your website.



Logo Designing


Getting your logo designed is easy with us and our team of experts. We can help you to come up with the ideal one that would work for all of your needs, including the style, size and more. Give us a call and we will work with our team of design experts to create the perfect one for you.



website redesigning company


You should always make sure that your website is up-to-date, which means that from time to time you would need to have it redesigned. We can help you with this and everything that comes along with it, including the testing and much more, so let us help you and your business.




Mobile Website Designing

If you are going to make sure that you are getting the most out of your website, then you should make sure that it is designed for mobile devices. This is very important for any business since you want it to look just as good on the phones and other devices as it does on the laptops.

Logo Designing


Creating a page using HTML is simple for us and we can create anything that you can dream of. We simply have to write the appropriate code and we can add widgets, various functions and more to create something professional and amazing that will help your business.


SaaS Model

If you want us to help you from the start, then we can help you to plan the ideal SAAS model for you. This means that we would help you with the entire development as well as the development and even the necessary unit tests for the site. Get in touch with us for more details.


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SEO refers to the list of activities that help us rank websites / blogs / content organically on Search Engines. There are various elements that play a significant role in helping the websites rank organically. Major elements can be: On Page factors like Meta Tags, H1 Tags, Anchor Tags, page speed, Inter Linking etc. Off Page factors like Content Writing, Content Syndication, Link Building, Guest Postings etc.

SEO can cost anywhere between $250 a month to $7000 a month. This totally depends on what the company is offering, what elements they are working on, what is the ROI they are promising & location of the company. It’s advisable to avoid hidden cost & get a complete understanding of costs involved. In some scenarios, companies show these under hidden or add-on costs in order to keep the base price low. Hence, it’s advisable to get 100% clarity before signing up.

Organic SEO refers to the process of ranking the website without any On Going fees being paid to Google.

Absolutely! If its an ethical SEO, It can help you rank the website on Page 1 & gradually help you increase traffic + visibility to the website. Once the website is on Page 1 & traffic increases, there are more chances of inquiries coming on the website & eventually generating more sales & revenue.

Every SEO Service vendor has different costing parameters. Some charge on the basis of keywords while others charge on the basis of results or revenue generated. This also depends on what kind of keywords or locations are you targeting. Most of the SEO services are charged as per the number of keywords optimized. The approximate fee for optimising 10 Keywords can start from $200 a month & can go upto $750 a month.

Honestly, it takes close to 4 to 6 months to notice the difference. In case you are wondering why? SEO involves a lot of On Page & Off Page Changes. The changes that we make on the website, take time to be cached by Google. Also, after the changes get cached, the movements may take a while to reflect. Not only this, ethical SEO involves content writing, Content Syndication, Link Building etc. AND these things take time. So, all in all 4 to 6 months is what you should give for SEO before seeing any measurable results.

SEO Services generally take care of 3 major elements. 1st element is Technical Issues: SEO & UI go hand in hand. Hence, it’s important that all technical limitations on the website should be taken care of & fixed before we expect our end audience to come & experience the website offerings. 2nd important element is On Page. These involve changes on the website like Meta tags, H1 Tags, Inter linking, Web Content Optimization, Anchor Tags etc. The 3rd important element is Off Page Optimization. This takes care of Promotional Content Writing, Content Syndication, Ethical Link Placements & Promotions etc.

Yes, all the work that is been done on the website does get shared with the clients in form of report towards the end of each month. This also involves ranking improvements, traffic improvements & goal conversions. These parameters truly help the client to measure the impact SEO are making on the website & how Google or any other search engine is recognising it.

Honestly! Search a lot. Don’t just hire a local agency because they might charge a bomb. Don’t just hire the company ranking on the top because they might not be affordable. Our advice will be to identify & shortlist a few companies, talk to each of them & then identify a company that meets your expectations & understands the business objective.

Domain Authority is improved with creating quality backlinks, content optimization & making the website on-page optimization.

We need approvals on website changes from the client which is done mostly in the first 2 months of the SEO work. After that, we do regular audits and in parallel link building activities are being done.

You can see our client testimonials and results we have achieved recently for our client. We have been providing SEO services for 9+ years and creates a good relationship with our clients. After 3 months of time, we evaluate our SEO work and see if it’s going in the right direction. A further change in strategies will be done to get your results. There is no refund policy.

We set up a goal conversion tracking system in Google Analytics which helps to gauge the ROI.

There is no contract period or lock-in period.